Data Conversion and Cleansing

In this information age, data plays an important part in most aspects of life. Having well orgainzed and clean data can make these aspects easier to deal with.

Data Conversion

 Data comes in many differnet forms and transforming it from one form to another can sometimes be a difficult and labourious task.

 Magic Interface has experience in many data conversion projects taking data from many sources and converting the data into new forms. This can also mean taking multiple sources and combining them into a conherent form. Magic Interface can do one-off conversions or provide tools that will allow conversions of on-going data streams to continue to be converted by the customer.

Data Cleansing

Magic Interface has experience in taking 'dirty' data and cleansing it to form a consistent format to the data no matter where it was sourced from. This also includes data consolidation and de-duplication especially when data has been recorded previously with slight diffences in names, addresses, etc. Again, Magic Interface can do one-off cleansings or provide tools that will allow on-going data streams to be cleansed by the customer.

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