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Web Site Hosting

Magic Interface has the capability of hosting web sites that the customer maintains the content of but the customer does not need to know any HTML, CSS, or any other programming language in order to edit their web site.


Magic Interface employs multiple servers with the load of running web sites split across several servers to balance the load.

Full backups are taken daily and with another server in an off-site location with full battery backup, the web site canbe transferred to another server very quickly in order to maintain uptime.

Content Management System (CMS)

Magic Inteface has an Oracle based Content Management System (CMS) for hosting web sites which can be used as a base package or can be customised for individual customer requirements. Using Oracle gives a level of perfomance, reliability, security, and scalability that would not be so easy to obtain using other systems.

The data for the web site is contained in the database and the web pages are built "on the fly" each time a web page is requested. These means that the pages are truely dynamic and reflect the underlying data at all times.

The system allows customers to manage their own web site structure and page content with the use of WYSIWYG editors and forms, without the customer requiring to know HTML or any other web programming language.

The system has two versions of every web site; production (viewed by everybody) and staging (a back end site only available to editors with the right privileges). The staging site is used so changes can be made and reviewed before being available on the production site. Changes can either be migrated to the production site or rolled back to the state the staging site was after the last migrate. Multiple editors have their own migration and rollback strategies so they do not interfere with each other while editing the site.

Custom Web Site Design

Data is the drving factor for most web sites. Magic Interface can design efficient databases, retrieval applications and fast web page generation to produce web sites that utilise the underlying data to the customer's advantage, give quick response times, and allow the end users to be able access the data in a very user-friendly manner.

Magic Interface also designs back-end systems that allow the customer to manage their own data to keep the information in the database current and correct; thereby keeping the web site up to date.

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